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Course CatalogWEB-TH10 Thermography Basics

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Estimated Length: 2 hours and 30 minutes
Credits: 2.5
Enrollment Valid For: 1 year


ITC Thermography BasicsThis course is a more advanced introductory course in thermography and serves as an excellent, and recommended, addition to the infrared camera basics and infrared basics courses. Thermography involves more than just learning how to use an infrared camera. IR science, heat transfer, thermal tuning, and application knowledge are all essential subjects a thermographer must understand in order to properly interpret an image. This course is FREE.

This course will give the learner the basic information to understand these concepts.

Accreditation: 2 ITC Certification Renewal Credits, 2 RCI Continuing Educational Hours (CEHs)

Note: You can stop the course and re-enter exactly where you left off at a later time or day, you don't have to complete the course in one sitting.

Students' Course Rating: 4.6/5


  • Learn about infrared radiation and how it relates to other forms of electromagnetic energy like light
  • Be aware of how material properties like emissivity and reflectivity influence the image an infrared camera produces, and how a thermographer interprets it
  • Grasp the significant and important role of heat transfer in producing surface temperature patterns
  • Learn how to obtain quality images through proper focusing, composition and thermal tuning
  • Examine the common applications for thermography in buildings, electrical, and mechanical systems Understand the importance of target size and distance when making thermal measurements
  • The 67 page course manual allows you to follow along, take notes, and review material after you have completed the course
  • Earn 2 RCI Continuing Educational Hours (CEHs)
  • Earn 2.5 ITC Certification Renewal Credits



  1. Thermography Basics - Introduction
  2. Thermography Basics - Getting Good Images
  3. Thermography Basics - Thermal Tuning Challenge
  4. Thermography Basics - IR Science
  5. Thermography Basics - Heat Transfer
  6. Application Basics - Application Overview
  7. Thermography Basics - Quiz
  8. Next Steps
  9. Course Evaluation & Certificate Generation


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  3. TH10 Thermography Basics
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